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If it’s not broken, don’t fix it – Ted Peters still great in St. Pete

This weekend I was able to treat myself to one of my favorite lunches in St. Pete. Ted Peter’s Smoked Fish. I am happy to report that everything at Ted Peter’s is exactly as it should be. As I was sitting outside on a perfect Sunday, enjoying the perfect weather that we have been blessed with lately, it occurred to me that over the years, nothing of significance has changed at Ted Peter’s. They always bring the menu to the table and I always pretend to look at it. Then they put down the paper placemats on the classic brown picnic table.

We order rootbeers in frosty glasses, the only time I order rootbeer with lunch (a horrible food pairing) but a habit that won’t die from childhood memories with family there. The glasses sweat all over the table, but no one cares. It’s part of the ‘experience’.

We order without even thinking. Smoked Fish Spread Sandwich (served on toast), Manhattan Clam Chowder (which we will doctor with a bit of hot sauce and eat with saltine crackers, not that it needs either), and a side of german potato salad (that we will feel guilty about eating later). I don’t wonder if it will be good. I expect it. I have been going to Ted Peters for as long as I can remember and I have never been disappointed. I contemplate just for a second what I would do if that happens someday, but quickly push it out of my mind.

It should be mentioned that research of online review sites showed that some people are not as happy as they could be with the burgers at Ted Peter’s. Serves them right! Get the smoked fish, it’s what they are famous for, there are plenty of other great places to get burgers. More on that another time.

I love this place, but almost as important, I love it’s consistency. In uncertain times, it’s nice to know that you can go back to a place that gives such comfort.

Jodi a/k/a tampawinewoman


The making of a Tampa Bay foodie

I blame my dad.  I know, its the easy way out.  It’s true though (at least this time).  I grew up in St. Petersburg, and one of my most vivid childhood memories was going to Stachs bakery with my father.  I remember a lot of things about these trips to the bakery.  I remember the way it always smelled of abundantly sweet baked goods and buttercream frosting.  I remember that the glass display cases with their warm comforting glow, went almost all the way down to the floor, except for about 6 to 8 inches where warm air would drift out of the bottom.  I remember that Mrs. Stach was always there.  Always!  But mostly, I remember that Stachs was our bakery, when Dad said, let’s go to the bakery, there was no question in my mind where we were going. When we arrived, we would order, Mrs. Stach would place it carefully in boxes, tied with string, and then she would ask my Dad, just like he was a child “would you like a cookie, Johnny.” That’s how long, my family had been going there and to Mrs. Stach my Dad was family.  Although I can’t speak for my Dad, every visit to Stachs was like getting a hug from grandma.

So, as mentioned, I blame my Dad for my passion and obsession with local business, but particularly how it relates to anything involving food.  There is just something so special about someone putting their heart and soul into their passion for feeding people, that demands our support.

My goal with this blog is to focus on all things local and foodie in Tampa Bay.  Focusing on favorite local restaurants, Chefs, markets, farmers.  I also want to focus on the people trying to get the ‘story’ out there, the Tampa Bay food blogging community.

I hope that you enjoy and that you will visit some of these great locations.

Jodi a/k/a tampawinewoman

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